Reydon Cattle Co is a family run Pedigree Poll Hereford livestock farm.  We are located in Rettendon just outside Chelmsford, Essex, close to major road links and well within a 4 year TB testing parish, last test carried out March 2014.

The Little family have been farming for five generations and breeding Pedigree Herefords since the early 1970’s.  We are still consistently producing high scoring, fit and healthy animals that will be easy calving, quick growing with very strong genetic traits, particularly in Eye Muscle Area and Milk.

We do not believe in over feeding, our philosophy is that a bull needs to be fit to work and no more.  The biggest bulls do not necessarily produce the best calves.  The same applies to females, we are aiming to breed feminine, fit and fertile heifers that will grow on to produce a healthy calf every year of its life.

It is with genetic improvement that we aim to add value to a herd, and is the way cattle producers can enhance the performance of their herds.  This can be quickly achieved by using high scoring bulls which will produce higher scoring replacements heifers, which in time will improve the overall performance and add value to a herd.

Some of the benefits of using a high scoring bull:

1. Permanent: unlike improved feeding, for example, the genetic performance of an animal is there for it’s whole life.

2. Progeny: every calf born will have an improved EBV base score.

3. Cumulative: improvements made in one generation combined with previous generations are stamped on to future generations.

4. Sustainable: improvements can continue to be made when positive genetic variation are introduced, see EBLEX Publication

We consistently produce high scoring animals, We have bred no less than nine Superior Carcass Sire Bulls in the last three years.  We currently only have one 2014 bull that will be ready for spring 2016 Leroy SRI +47 +13 for Milk.  If you want an improvement in your own Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) then we can help you achieve this by supplying one of our top flight bulls.

Thank you for visiting our website, we welcome your enquiries by phone 0044 (0)1268 767175 evenings or 07858 378 501 at any time.

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